About us

Cancer Voices team

Cancer Voices Australia is the independent, 100% volunteer voice of people affected by cancer, working to improve the cancer experience for Australians, their families and friends. We are active in the areas of diagnosis, information, treatment, research, support, care, survivorship and policy. To achieve this we work with decision-makers, ensuring the patient perspective is heard.

Cancer Voices Australia has lead the generic cancer consumer movement in Australia since 2000. The CVA networks share objectives and work together on national issues of interest and concern, with consumers working to help others affected by cancer.  In 2014 CVA initiated the Australian Cancer Consumer Network (ACCN) of 30 cancer consumer organisations which will be officially launched on 26 November at Parliament House, Canberra.


  • To reduce the impact of cancer on the community in terms of lives affected and lives lost
  • To promote a balanced public awareness of cancer
  • To define the issues that are important to cancer consumers and to advocate for measures to address them
  • To work towards ensuring access to the highest quality treatment and support services for people with cancer, regardless of their geographical location, social or economic status, ethnicity or state of disease
  • To encourage and to provide a facility for those with experience of cancer to contribute to all levels of decision-making about the disease
  • to influence the direction of research into causes, prevention, optimal treatments and support
  • to provide a forum for people affected by cancer to share experiences and information.

How CVA operates

Cancer Voices Australia’s structure is an alliance of cancer consumer organisations which works together on national issues for Australians affected by cancer. Those interested in joining the Cancer Voices Alliance should complete an Expression of Interest form. There is no fee.