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RANZCR Informed Decision Making in the Management of Localised Prostate Cancer

Informed Decision Making in the Management of Localised Prostate Cancer

RANZCR Draft Prostate Cancer Position Statement

08/05/2018 — Patient and health sector feedback is still sought on a draft prostate cancer Position Statement created by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists’ (RANZCR) Faculty of Radiation Oncology.

The ‘Informed Decision Making in the Management of Localised Prostate Cancer – A Patient Focused Perspective’ statement advocates for men with prostate cancer to be fully informed about treatment options, including costs, before any decision is made about active treatment. It calls for true multidisciplinary, patient-centred care, supporting men to fully explore choices to allow each man to decide what is best for him.

In the vast majority of cases, consultation with both a radiation oncologist and a urologist prior to any decision being made, provides the optimal model of care.

Comments from all interested parties are encouraged and will be taken on board before final publication of the statement.

More information is available by clicking here. Comments must be submitted by Monday, May 14 2018.

Get good advice before having prostate cancer surgery

All men with prostate cancer need to ensure that they have opinions for treatment from both a radiation oncologist as well as the surgeon who diagnoses the cancer. There is strong evidence now for radiation therapy being as effective as surgery in curing prostate cancer. Recent studies suggest that sexual and urinary side effects are better long term with radiation therapy compared to surgery. A referral to a radiation oncologist can be given by either the urologist or a General Practitioner. There is time to investigate the available information from experts before deciding on the treatment choice.

Prof. Ian R Gardener, the Principal Medical Advisor Department of Veterans’ Affairs, advises all men diagnosed with prostate cancer to obtain an independent second opinion from an appropriate specialist such as a radiation oncologist.

Federal Government Funding Cuts for Radiation Therapy Equipment

CV are supporting the campaign by RANZCR on the Federal Government Funding Cuts for Radiation Therapy Equipment.

Vale Sally Crossing

Sally Crossing AM (1946-2016) — an inspiring tireless crusader and trailblazing pioneer for cancer advocacy at both state and national levels for the past 23 years.

Sally established and led Cancer Voices NSW (2000), convened Cancer Voices Australia and then the Australian Cancer Consumer Network (2014), and was friend and mentor to Cancer Voices SA (2007). Her contributions to research, policy and clinical practice in consumer involvement, as well as raising awareness of issues and improving the path for all people affected by cancer has been exceptional. Many people get cancer, but few have ‘raised a voice and made a difference’ so effectively. Rest in peace Sally. Thank you. You will be greatly missed.

From the Executive Teams of Cancer Voices Australia, Cancer Voices NSW, Cancer Voices SA

21 years of cancer consumer advocacy

The Australian cancer consumer advocacy movement celebrates 21 years – 1994 to 2015

Screening Debate

At last we get the view of consumers into the debate on the value of cancer screening.

Cancer screening ‘harm’ a worthwhile risk – SMH – 17 June 2015

Cancer screening ‘harm’ a worthwhile risk – Oncology News – 22 June 2015

Oncology Network news

Cancer survivors call for a survivorship care framework.

Australian Cancer Consumer Network launch

The Australian Cancer Consumer Network (ACCN) was launched at Parliament House, Canberra on 27 November 2014.

The ACCN brings together 30 groups for a bigger voice – as well as to share information, experiences and issues.  It is facilitated by Cancer Voices Australia.

CVA Convenor, Sally Crossing AM said “being together like this for the first time is exciting and empowering.  It shows that our national representatives are truly keen to be connected to the needs and ideas of Australians affected by cancer”.

The Australian Cancer Consumer Network Who’s Who 2014

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