Consumer representation

Cancer Voices Australia recognises the value to decision-makers of the inclusion of informed, preferably trained consumers who can provide the broad view of people affected by cancer.

CVA’s Matching Program

Cancer Voices Australia can nominate representatives of consumers (not of the CVA organisation) to committees and projects in areas which have potential impact for people affected by cancer.

Complete and submit a Request a Consumer Representative Form.

Cancer Voices Australia operates according to Best Practice Principles of Consumer Participation (see Position Statements) and in accordance with the recommendations of Cancer Australia’s National Framework for Consumer Engagement.

Consumer advocacy, representation and research training is offered in some states via state level Cancer Voices and various other organisations. Cancer Voices Australia encourages partnerships to ensure such training becomes available throughout Australia.

Consumer Involvement in Research (CIR) Program

For background to the Consumer Involvement in Research Program, including training, matching and consumer priorities for research, see CIR Overview.

Two guides were produced in 2014 and updated in 2019 to assist researchers and consumer representatives to work together. These guides clarify roles and expectations for both parties. We suggest that you read both guides as that will provide you all with a greater understanding of what to expect

Guide for researchers
Guide for consumer representatives

For more information about our CIR program, see here.

Contact us for more information about training courses. Additional information can also be found here.

Consumers interested in representational work

Complete an Expression of Interest Form.