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Cancer Consumer Organisations

Several Australian states have state level generic cancer consumer organisations. Some use the well-recognised and trademarked name Cancer Voices, for example Cancer Voices NSW,  Cancer Voices SA and Cancer Voices ACT. There are also a number of cancer specific consumer organisations.

Cancer Voices Australia now (since 1 April 2014) facilitates the Australian Cancer Consumer Network of 30 cancer consumer groups – to share news, PBAC and MSAC agendas, seek comments on submissions, source consumer reps more widely and, when necessary, to speak with a louder voice!   Contact via CVA.

National organisations for information: 

Cancer Australia : Involving consumers leads to better outcomes – Cancer Australia’s resources

Cancer Australia has developed a set of Promotional Resources aimed at encouraging greater engagement between people affected by cancer and providers of cancer care, including CEOs, health professionals, service managers, policy makers and researchers.

Evidence shows that involving people affected by cancer in the design and delivery of health care leads to improved quality and safety and better health outcomes.

These resources promote the use of Cancer Australia’s web-based Consumer Involvement Toolkit: a practical step-by-step approach to actively involving consumers to improve all aspects of cancer care.

Their aim is to encourage everyone involved in health care to work together with consumers, which can lead to positive change across all aspects of cancer care.

Cancer information and support

Understanding Cancer is a series of more than 50 resources for people with cancer, their families and friends. The series provides easy-to-read information about specific types of cancer, treatments, and emotional and practical issues. It also includes audio-visual materials that can be downloaded or streamed online. Available from the Cancer Council website.

iheard – Heard something about cancer and not sure if it’s true? Check out the Cancer Council website iheard for answers.

Cancer Directory – is a new website that provides the community and health professionals with a useful, comprehensive online directory of trusted Australian cancer resources. A website developed by the Cancer Council NSW.

Canrefer – a free online NSW and ACT cancer directory. Search by location or cancer type for up-to-date information on

  • cancer specialists attached to a multidisciplinary team
  • opening hours, maps, parking details
  • cancer services:
    • chemotherapy units
    • cancer genetics
    • youth cancer services
    • radiotherapy units
    • palliative care services

Australian Cancer Trials – a consumer friendly site, using plain english, to help patients with cancer:

  • search a national database of cancer clinical trials
  • learn about types of cancer treatment and supportive care
  • find out what cancer clinical trials are currently available in Australia
  • have trial information explained
  • see if there might be a trial relevant to you
  • get answers to the most common questions about clinical trials

Targeting Cancer Campaign – provides a clear explanation and information about the value of radiotherapy for many cancer patients.

Faculty of Radiation Oncology Guidelines for Informed Consent